timeQplus Suite (v3 only)

Tips for Fingerprint Biometric Scanning & Registration

How does an employee punch in and out at the virtual time clock with timeQplus software?

What reports are available in the timeQplus Software?

What numbers on the timeQplus badges do I use?

How does the Administrator assign a User ID and Password for the timeQplus Virtual Clock?

I need help installing timeQplus Network. The clients won’t communicate with the server.

How can I tell what method was used to record an employee time entry / punch?

How can I upgrade from Attendance Rx or an earlier version of timeQplus to the current version of timeQplus without losing my data?

The timeQplus TQ600 clocks / terminals allow up to 5-digit ID numbers to enroll an employee. The timeQplus software PIN or USER ID field only has 4 digits. What numbers do I use?

How do the punches get transferred from the time clock (terminal) to the software?

How do I configure my firewall to work with timeQplus v3?

How do I integrate timeQplus v3 with Quickbooks?

What payroll export formats are available in timeQplus powered systems?

What reports are provided by the software? Is there any way I can see what the reports look like?

How to Move timeQplus v3 to a New Computer or Operating System

The ARXSERVICE task is not in the Task Manager process list or will not start. Clients cannot connect.

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VIDEO: How to install and configure timeQplus v3 software

How do I determine which version of the timeQplus software I have installed?

Where can I obtain a replacement copy of my product user manual or quick start guide?

What do I need to do to update my timeQplus system for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?