timeQplus Biometric (v2) / TQ100

Tips for Fingerprint Biometric Scanning & Registration

Oops! I forgot my password! How can I access the software?

I am having trouble importing or exporting to QuickBooks. Run-time error: Cannot create QBXMLRP COM component

One of my employees is identified as another employee when he/she clocks in or out. How do I fix this so employees are correctly identified?

My TQ100 terminal does not power up when I plug it in. How do I power up the terminal?

My firewall is blocking timeQplus Biometric terminal communications. How do I fix this?

What reports are available in the timeQplus Software?

What payroll exports are available in Attendance Rx based systems?

What reports are provided by the software? Is there any way I can see what the reports look like?

My pay period start date changes each pay period. What happens if I change the pay period manually to reflect the current start date for our company needs?

How do I manually poll a timeQplus Biometric TQ100 terminal?

How do I move my timeQplus Biometric (TQ100) installation from one computer to another?

How do I move data from one PC to another?

How do employees clock in and out at the PC?

How do I enter Benefit Hours for an employee (Vacation, Sick, Personal, FMLA, Holiday, Other)?

How do I save reports to files so I can email them to another location?

How do I delete an employee?

How do I make employees “inactive” in case they return to work at a later date?

How do I assign employees to a newly-added TQ100 terminal?

How can I clear an administrator from a timeQplus Biometric TQ100 terminal?

Can employees print their own Time Card reports?

Why are punch transactions not visible for salaried employees?

Can I use Attendance Rx Network software with a WAN or VPN?

How do I add more than 50 employees?

What is “Max Time on the Clock”?

Can I tell which Supervisor inserted or edited transactions for an employee?

If I have to uninstall the Attendance Rx software, will I lose my data?

Why is the employee message deleted after being displayed?

What are the system requirements to install and run timeQplus Biometric (TQ100)?

Where can the terminal be connected in an RS232 configuration?

Can I use a DHCP server to dynamically assign an IP address to a networked TQ100 terminal?

What are the Sensitivity settings in the TQ100 terminal for?

What is the purpose of “Overtime Level 2”?

I am unable to delete an employee. Why does my employee have a red line through his name?

How can I tell the difference between a manual transaction entered by a supervisor and a transaction entered by an employee punch?

What is “Day Change Offset”?

What do the “User Preferences” settings do?

What is the purpose of the “Weekly OT Starts On” setting?

The terminal is beeping and repeating the message “Remove Finger,” but there is no finger on the fingerprint reader.

I receive “low system resources” errors from Windows when I attempt various Attendance Rx functions.

My firewall is blocking timeQplus Biometric (TQ100) communications.

The ARXSERVICE task is not in the Task Manager process list or will not start. Clients cannot connect.

I need help connecting my timeQplus Biometric (TQ100) terminal to my computer.

How do I configure my TQ100 terminal hardware?

Important Instructions for upgrading Attendance Rx software

Where can I obtain a replacement copy of my product user manual or quick start guide?

How do I update my timeQplus Biometric (v2) system for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?