TQ600P Proximity Badge Terminals

How do I change an employee badge number in timeQplus if the enrolled badge is lost or disabled?

How do I connect a TQ600 Biometric or Proximity terminal via USB?

What communication options come with the timeQplus Proximity and Biometric Terminals?

What numbers on the timeQplus badges do I use?

We have temporary workers who do not have badges, but need to clock in or out. How can they use the timeQplus badge terminal without a badge?

How do I set up and use Work Codes in the timeQplus software and clocks?

The timeQplus TQ600 clocks / terminals allow up to 5-digit ID numbers to enroll an employee. The timeQplus software PIN or USER ID field only has 4 digits. What numbers do I use?

How do the punches get transferred from the time clock (terminal) to the software?

My network is down and I need to process payroll. My TQ600 time clock is not designated as a “Remote” terminal. Can I still use a USB flash drive to upload employee punches from my TQ600 clock to the timeQplus software?

How do I assign an employee to a TQ600 badge terminal (i.e. TQ600BC Barcode, TQ600M Magnetic-Stripe or TQ600P Proximity)?

How do I enroll employees on a timeQplus remote badge terminal (time clock)?

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Where can I obtain a replacement copy of my product user manual or quick start guide?

What do I need to do to update my timeQplus system for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?

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