TQ600B Biometric Terminals

Tips for Fingerprint Biometric Scanning & Registration

How do I connect a TQ600 Biometric or Proximity terminal via USB?

The clock will not read a fingerprint for an employee. How can they clock in and out at the biometric terminal?

What communication options come with the timeQplus Proximity and Biometric Terminals?

We have temporary workers who do not have badges, but need to clock in or out. How can they use the timeQplus badge terminal without a badge?

How do I set up and use Work Codes in the timeQplus software and clocks?

How do I change an employee fingerprint template if the employee’s enrolled finger will not read reliably?

The timeQplus TQ600 clocks / terminals allow up to 5-digit ID numbers to enroll an employee. The timeQplus software PIN or USER ID field only has 4 digits. What numbers do I use?

How do the punches get transferred from the time clock (terminal) to the software?

My network is down and I need to process payroll. My TQ600 time clock is not designated as a “Remote” terminal. Can I still use a USB flash drive to upload employee punches from my TQ600 clock to the timeQplus software?

How do I assign an employee to a TQ600B Biometric terminal?

How do I enroll employees on a timeQplus remote biometric terminal (clock)?

VIDEO: How to mount the timeQplus Biometric terminal securely to the wall

VIDEO: How to set up the timeQplus Biometric terminal to communicate with the timeQplus software

VIDEO: How to install the timeQplus Software

VIDEO: What comes with the timeQplus Biometric bundle?

VIDEO: How to enroll an employee on timeQplus Biometric

Where can I obtain a replacement copy of my product user manual or quick start guide?

What do I need to do to update my timeQplus system for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?

What are the supported operating systems for Acroprint software systems?