Attendance Rx (ATRx) Product Suite

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Current Version

Latest Release: Attendance Rx 2.5.10
If you are running an older version:
Download Attendance Rx 2.5.10 software

Important! This update requires an Installation Key. If you are unsure whether your software came with an Installation Key, or if you have misplaced your Installation Key, please click here to read an important knowledgebase article before attempting to install the update.

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Product Support

Need help setting up or using your Attendance Rx product?

  1. Check the Quick Start Guide or Installation Guide for assistance with installing and configuring the product, connecting the hardware, and setting up passwords.

  2. Click the HELP button on any Attendance Rx Administrator window to review the product on-line help for detailed instructions and a glossary of terms.

  3. Check the Service & Support Knowledgebase to see if your question has already been answered.

  4. Contact your local dealer or Acroprint Support for additional assistance if needed. Acroprint support is available Monday - Friday (excluding holidays), 8:00am until 5:00pm (Eastern). Click here to email our Support Department, or call us at 1-800-334-7190 (Canada: call 1-866-514-3249). Note that per-incident charges may apply for telephone support.

Avoid per-incident charges for telephone support and gain other valuable benefits - contact the Acroprint Systems Sales department today at 1-800-334-7190 for more information about a Software Support Contract.